about us


I have struggled with acne for most of my teenage and adult life and have a lot of personal experience with what it takes to have healthy looking skin.

For many people all it takes is the correct acne wash, cleanse or medication to get clear skin. However, for others like myself it takes a lot more work. This website will help breakdown everything there is to know about acne and will also review the good and the bad acne products.

What do I know?
I have a lot of personal knowledge on acne and what it takes to get rid of it. I have tried countless forms of acne treatments and will share my knowledge of what I feel works and does not work for you.

What can I do for you?
I can help you choose the best acne treatment for your skin and help you avoid spending money on products that do not work. I can help you save the time and effort it takes to find the best product for your skin. I can also educate you about acne prevention and causes.

What to do now
Take some time to navigate through the site to answer questions you may have. You can do so by typing in a “keyword” in the upper right hand search bar. You can also find information through “Popular Posts” and “Categories” in the right hand sidebar.