6 Super Effective Ways to Clear Up Back Acne Long-Term

6 Super Effective Ways to Clear Up Back Acne Long-Term

Back acne can be one of the most stubborn forms of acne to get rid of. It’s also one of the more embarrassing forms of acne. When I used to have gross zits on my chest and shoulders and back, I would do almost anything to conceal it.

I would avoid swimming pools, stay clear of beaches and even lower the lights when I was getting it on with a girl.

It didn’t stop there. I became so embarrassed of my bacne that I would avoid standing too long in front of the mirror when I got out of the shower. I was just kind of ashamed. It made me feel dirty too.

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Anyway, it got so bad that I began researching solutions online forhow to clear up back acne. After some time I had discovered a great little strategy that cleared up my back pimples and returned my confidence.

You’re in luck my friend, because I’m about to reveal this little holy grail for getting rid of bacne. Here is the 6 step combination, treatment plan that knocked out my back acne.

6 Step Plan to Clear Up Back Acne

  1. Loofah it up – buy a natural sponge loofah on a wooden handle. You can get them at most drugstores or general stores. You’re going to exfoliate in the shower before you wash your back. Exfoliation will lift dead skin and make your pores more breathable and open for cleaning.

This not only keeps your skin fresh, clean and moist, it also sets the stage for the next step.

  1. soapsUse an antibacterial soap – You’re going to use an antibacterial soap like Dial, on and off for about a week. This time will help you determine what frequency you can use it without overdrying your skin.

You will alternate with a moisterizing soap like Dove.

The goal here is to dry up excess oil on your body and back skin but prevent irritation with the Dove by finding a happy medium.

The step one exfoliation will open up your skin if it is a little too dry. It’s kind of a way to prevent you from doing more harm than good.

  1. Keep Your Clothes Breathable – The initial week of this process is a ramp up phase. Your body is adjusting to the new washing regimen so you’ll need to give your skin the best chance it can have of clearing up. That means sticking to cottons and breathable materials as much as possible. Stay away from polyester.
  2. Spot Treat – Using a medicine that contains Benzoyl Perioxide (2.5%), apply directy with a cottonball to the patches of back, shoulder and chest area before bed and first thing in the morning. I’ve had the most success with Proactiv.
  3. Alternate your shower schedule – For most people, showering twice a day is too frequent. It overdries their skin and can make the problem worse.

However, with this new regimen, you’ll need to experiment a bit. So, if you normally shower once a day, try scaling up your showers to two and see if it helps. The same is true in reverse if you normally shower twice a day.

My solution was a hybrid. I would shower twice a day initially to clear up my skin and then change it to once a day on the weekends.

  1. Soften your water – A major contributor to my bacne was hard water. I called my plumber and he installed a Hague water softener. I don’t know much about plumbing but it did the trick. Whatever sediment and minerals it removed from the water, my skin looks great! The softened water even helped my scalp.

Follow this 6 step formula for clearing up back acne and you’ll be super pleased with the results! Have fun!

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