Cause Of Adult Acne In Men

Cause Of Adult Acne In Men

While acne is mostly considered a problem for teenagers, it is also affects a large number of adults. Although studies indicate that adult acne is more prominent in women, men suffer with more severe and longer lasting acne breakouts. Reports generated by The American Academy of Dermatology suggest that up to 50.9 percent of adult women, ages 20-30, suffer from mild to moderate acne, yet 42.5percent of men suffer from moderate to severe.

The most common cause of adult acne in men are oscillating hormones. The androgens (hormones) are released from the adrenal glands and the testes. Once these androgens are released, they stimulate the sebaceous glands which increase the oil production. This sudden elevation in oil production causes the skin to be more subjected to comedones or breakouts.

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These hormones are aroused by certain external factors such as stress, obesity or steroid/hormonal therapy, and other medication use. Incidentally, stress is considered the number one cause of hormonal imbalance.

The skin disorder can also run in the family. The risk of suffering from an adult onset of acne increases if one parent had acne at any point in their lives. As skin types are also hereditary, oily skin types are more subjected to adult acne disorders or flare- ups.

With the right treatment, men are able to successfully control the acne breakouts. Identifying the actual casual factors of the breakouts will assist with identifying the most appropriate treatment. Because stress has been labeled the number one cause for acne breakouts, the medical experts initially suggest that the male modifies his lifestyle in order to reduce the level of androgen output. For instance, meditation and exercise are known to assist with mental stability.

The following regiment is something that many people have found to successfully treat adult acne in men.

  1. Remember to keep your hands and hair off of your face as much as possible, as the oil from them will make the acne worse. Remember to wash your hair often to prevent it from becoming too oily.
  2. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Lots of water is necessary to flush out all the toxins in your body. If you are not hydrated enough those toxins will find another way to get out, and that is usually through your pores.
  3. Wash your sheets and pillowcases often. Oil and bacteria can build up quickly during the night, so it is essential to keep these clean. I suggest you wash your sheets at least once a week and rotate out a new pillow case every 2-3 days.
  4. Invest in a complete acne treatment system. Most acne products that you buy over the counter or online fall short of working because they only treat the problem from the surface. As you’ve learned in this article the cause of adult acne in men is as much an internal one as it is external. If you’re only treating the symptoms (the pimples) you’re never going to be fully cured. That is why the ClearPores Acne System (the #1 recommended product on this site) is a 3 part system that attacks acne from all possible sides. If you are ready to be free from acne for good, this is a product you must try.
  5. Once you receive your ClearPores System follow the directions they provide. However, make sure you don’t go overboard when washing your face. Many people make the mistake of thinking the more they wash the better their face will be. However, this causes your oil glands to think they are not doing their job, and causes them to pump out even more oil. Doing this takes your acne from bad to worse.
  6. Remember…. NEVER POP PIMPLES! This just spreads the bacteria across the face, causes the pimple to become infected, and can lead to permanent scarring.

If you get the ClearPores System and hold true to this regiment it will only be a matter of time before you have clear skin…and a lot more attention from the ladies. Now that you know the cause of adult acne in men you are better equipped to cure it for good.

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