Acne Scar Cream

Acne Scar Cream

One of the many afflictions of adolescence is acne. At exactly the time in their lives that people are most concerned about their appearance, the pimples arrive. For many, acne continues to be a serious problem when they get older. But because it is mostly a problem in the teen years for most, most of the advertising for the various creams and ointments and other treatments for acne are aimed at teenagers.

If you are a teenager desperate to get rid of your acne, it’s very important to be very skeptical of the claims made in advertisements about some miracle acne scar cream or any other acne treatment product. Before you purchase any product, you need to inform yourself about acne and the limits to what can be done about it.

Acne is a problem with the sebaceous glands of your skin. Pores get plugged and the acne sufferer has outbreaks of the lesions we typically call zits or pimples. These unfortunately appear usually on your face, but they also can occur on your shoulders, chest, back and neck. Around 16 million Americans suffer from acne, and it is the most common disease of the skin. Although it doesn’t threaten your health, it can strongly affect your social life and self confidence, and severe cases can lead to scarring that is permanent.

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With regard to treatment, the problem is that the causes of acne are not well understood. The sebaceous glands are connected to a canal containing a hair, called a follicle. These glands manufacture sebum, an oily substance which is supposed to empty out onto the skin through the follicle. But with acne sufferers, for some reason cells lining the follicle clump together and keep the sebum from reaching the skin’s surface.

The oil causes the Propionobacterium acne bacteria, which typically live on your skin, to grow instead inside the blocked follicles. The bacteria make enzymes and chemicals that create inflammation, and eventually the follicle bursts open and the sebum, bacteria and shed skin cells spill out onto the skin. This irritates the skin and that’s what makes the lesions develop.

No one knows how to solve the root problem of the sebum being trapped inside the follicle. Heredity plays a role, as do the hormones known as androgens that are more prevalent in adolescence and cause more sebum to be produced. Stress, greasy cosmetics and friction can contribute to acne, so avoiding these things can decrease the severity of acne. However, it is not true that chocolate or greasy kinds of food cause acne. Neither does dirty skin, so products that are mostly cleansers will not help to reduce acne. In fact, scrubbing the skin vigorously to keep it clean can actually make acne worse because of the friction.

Because we do not know how to stop follicles from being clogged, treatment for acne mostly involves preventing scarring and reducing the number of pimples. An effective acne scar cream will include chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, salicylic acid, and resorcinol. The best reviewed of these creams is the Neutrogena Hydrating Acne Treatment, but remember, it will only treat acne symptoms.

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