Zit Zapper Products: Products That Actually Work

Zit Zapper Products: Products That Actually Work

Pimples are always a big pain. They always seem to come at the worst time too, right when you are getting ready to go out on a date or give a big presentation at work. No matter what your plans may be, if you have a pimple of course you want a zit zapper product that is going to work and get rid of those awful pimples, there are a few that are worth trying out.

Proactiv has been one of the best selling acne fighting products on the market for the past few years. There are a bunch of different celebrities who endorse the Proactiv acne line, everyone from Julianne Hough from Dancing With The Stars to Katy Perry. This is a three-step acne fighting system that has proven to work. There are three products included in the Proactiv line.

The first is the renewing cleanser. This solution works to deep clean the skin and help to get rid of oil and dirt on the skin. The second step involves using the revitalizing toner which is alcohol free and helps to balance the skin tone. It removes dead skin cells so the new, refreshed skin from underneath is what is left showing. Finally you use the third product, the repairing treatment, which is a light oil-free formula.

The repairing treatment helps to repair damaged skin. You use it morning and night and leave it on after applying.

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The DermaMed Acne Gel is another popular choice. As a zit zapper product it works incredibly well and most people who have used this product reporting seeing results in as little as a few days. It can handle even the most stubborn breakouts and if you apply the gel immediately after spotting a pimple coming through it will cause it to dry up and disappear in no time at all.

One of the greatest benefits of this particular acne fighting product is that it can unclog pores and help not only by treating acne you have now but by preventing breakouts in the future.

The Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub works well if you have stubborn blackheads or whiteheads that you cannot seem to get rid of. Because these pimples are so deeply embedded in the skin they can be a pain trying to get rid of. This zit zapper product helps pull blackheads and whiteheads out from the root so they are gone completely.

DermaClear is a zit zapping potion that even some celebrities rely on. Not only does it help get rid of pimples but it moisturizes the skin, leaving it renewed and refreshed.

Remember that your goal should not be to just deal with pimples you have now. You should also understand how to prevent breakouts in the future so you can keep your clear, beautiful skin for good. Eat nutritious food and stay away from fatty, greasy, sugary foods and drinks. Exercise is also important. When your body is getting enough physical activity it will improve your skin and help prevent pimples.

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