What Causes Acne?

What Causes Acne?

Acne attacks millions of teens every year. Most teenagers will experience some form of acne outbreak before their sixteenth birthday. It is a condition that can show up as early as twelve years of age then slow down and finally leave in someone’s early twenties. For many others acne can continue on late into adulthood causing the embarrassment felt as teen to grow which each year of breakouts.

Some individuals experience severe outbreaks of acne while others only experience mild ones. This seems to be tied in the a person body chemistry and genetics. To understand how to treat your acne you must first under stand what causes acne.

Our bodies produce more of the hormone testosterone going through puberty. Our skin converts this hormone into dihydrotesterone, which causes our skin to secrete oil with bacteria from our body. One of the body’s ways at eliminating bacteria is through secretion. When this oil mixed with bacteria becomes blocked in the skin’s pores, this can keep dead skin cells from shedding. The dead skin cells end up blocking the pore, the pores become infected and this causes pimples.

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inflamed acneThere are basically two different types of acne blemishes. These categories of blemishes are inflamed and non-inflamed. The “whitehead” and “blackhead” varieties of pimples are considered a non-inflamed variety and are the most common. The inflamed blemishes are the whitehead pimples that the body tries to attack and expel as if these were foreign invaders. This can cause painful cysts and extreme puffiness around the whole area. It’s important that the person affected is not trying to gouge these type of pimples. This only causes more irritation and infection. In fact, it’s really not advisable to pick at any of the pimples too much because you can turn a non-flamed pimple into a major inflamed one by actually pushing the puss even deeper into the infected pore.

There are a variety of treatment options that are available you can try to remedy the acne condition. Many of these over the counter type treatments might actually help you get control over the outbreaks and eliminate them. The biggest factor is your skin type and your particular body chemistry that is going through this hormonal change. Some treatment will work great for some individuals while being of no great help to others.

The most common recipe in chemical creams and treatments for acne contains salisylic acid and/or benzyl peroxide. These active ingredients are the chemical agents that helps to dry out the skin and absorb the oil in the acne effected areas. If you are experiencing mild acne breakouts, find products containing low percentages of active agents. If you are experiencing moderate to severe acne, find products containing a higher percentage of the active chemicals to fight the outbreaks with. It should be warned. Some of the stronger medications can also cause more skin irritation. Should this start occurring, stop using the medications immediately.

There are also many home remedies for acne that you can try. Many methods are explained in articles found on this site. The best way to treat your acne at home by trying out ClearPores a great system that has been reviewed by Be Acne Free and given an A+. ClearPores offer the highest quality products available without a prescription and most acne sufferers will find these are all they need to cure their acne.

If your acne is of an extremely serious nature and no over the counter product seems to work, then it is time to seek professional help. Your family doctor can recommend a good dermatologist to consult with. A dermatologist will run tests and come up with a solid plan of attack for you that will be effective at remedying the acne problem. This could involve prescription medications or laser treatments or both. These treatments can be very harsh, but are very affective.

Now that you know what causes acne, you should be able to attack the problem head on. Please browse our acne product reviews so you can find the solution that is correct for you.

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